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Regularity of minimal surfaces near quadratic cones

  title={Regularity of minimal surfaces near quadratic cones},
  author={Nick Edelen and Luca Spolaor},
  journal={arXiv: Differential Geometry},
Hardt-Simon proved that every area-minimizing hypercone $\mathbf{C}$ having only an isolated singularity fits into a foliation of $\mathbb{R}^{n+1}$ by smooth, area-minimizing hypersurfaces asymptotic to $\mathbf{C}$. In this paper we prove that if a stationary $n$-varifold $M$ in the unit ball $B_1 \subset \mathbb{R}^{n+1}$ lies sufficiently close to a minimizing quadratic cone (for example, the Simons' cone $\mathbf{C}^{3,3}$), then $\mathrm{spt} M \cap B_{1/2}$ is a $C^{1,\alpha… Expand
Uniqueness of certain cylindrical tangent cones
We show that the cylindrical tangent cone $C\times \mathbf{R}$ for an area-minimizing hypersurface is unique, where $C$ is the Simons cone $C_S= C(S^3\times S^3)$. Previously Simon proved aExpand
Deformations of Singular Minimal Hypersurfaces I, Isolated Singularities.
Locally stable minimal hypersurface could have singularities in dimension $\geq 7$ in general, locally modeled on stable and area-minimizing cones in the Euclidean spaces. In this paper, we presentExpand
Minimal hypersurfaces with cylindrical tangent cones
First we construct minimal hypersurfaces M ⊂ R in a neighborhood of the origin, with an isolated singularity but cylindrical tangent cone C × R, for any strictly minimizing strictly stable cone C inExpand
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We prove an Allard-type regularity theorem for free-boundary minimal surfaces in Lipschitz domains locally modelled on convex polyhedra. We show that if such a minimal surface is sufficiently closeExpand


The singular set of minimal surfaces near polyhedral cones
We adapt the method of Simon [JDG '93] to prove a $C^{1,\alpha}$-regularity theorem for minimal varifolds which resemble a cone $\bf{C}_0^2$ over an equiangular geodesic net. For varifold classesExpand
Uniqueness of some cylindrical tangent cones
It is known ([SL1]) that if a minimal submanifold M has a tangent cone C at a singular point p, then C is the unique tangent cone of M at p, and M approaches C asymptotically in the appropriateExpand
Transverse Singularities of Minimal Two-Valued Graphs in Arbitrary Codimension
We prove some epsilon regularity results for n-dimensional minimal two-valued Lipschitz graphs. The main theorems imply uniqueness of tangent cones and regularity of the singular set in aExpand
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Suppose V is an m + 1-dimensional minimal surface in R" containing 0 as an isolated singular point. What can one say about the structure of V near O? This question initiated the present investigationExpand
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The question of what can be said about the structure of the singular set of minimal surfaces and the extrema of other geometric variational problems has remained largely open. Indeed, for minimalExpand
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Suppose M is a smooth m dimensional Riemannian manifold and k is a positive integer not exceeding m. Our purpose is to study the first variation of the k dimensional area integrand in M. Our mainExpand
Minimal surfaces with isolated singularities
For n≥3, there exists an embedded minimal hypersurface in Rn+1 which has an isolated singularity but which is not a cone. Each example constructed here is asymptotic to a given, completely arbitrary,Expand
Asymptotics for a class of non-linear evolution equations, with applications to geometric problems
Soit Σ une variete de Riemann compacte et soit une fonction reguliere u=u(x,t), (x,t)∈ΣX(0,T) (T>0) satisfaisant une equation d'evolution soit de la forme ci-#7B-M(u)=f soit de la formeExpand
Minimal cones and the Bernstein problem
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Minimal hypersurfaces asymptotic to quadratic cones in ℝn+1