Regularities of the physical world and the absence of their internalization.

  title={Regularities of the physical world and the absence of their internalization.},
  author={H. Hecht},
  journal={The Behavioral and brain sciences},
  volume={24 4},
  pages={608-17; discussion 652-71}
  • H. Hecht
  • Published 2001 in The Behavioral and brain sciences
The notion of internalization put forth by Roger Shepard continues to be appealing and challenging. He suggests that we have internalized, during our evolutionary development, environmental regularities, or constraints. Internalization solves one of the hardest problems of perceptual psychology: the underspecification problem. That is the problem of how well-defined perceptual experience is generated from the often ambiguous and incomplete sensory stimulation. Yet, the notion of internalization… CONTINUE READING

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