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Regular projections and regular covers in o-minimal structures

  title={Regular projections and regular covers in o-minimal structures},
  author={M'hammed Oudrane},
In this paper we prove that for any definable subset $X\subset \mathbb{R}^{n}$ in a polynomially bounded o-minimal structure, with $dim(X)<n$, there is a finite set of regular projections (in the sense of Mostowski ). We give also a weak version of this theorem in any o-minimal structure, and we give a counter example in o-minimal structures that are not polynomially bounded. As an application we show that in any o-minimal structure there exist a regular cover in the sense of Parusi\'nski. 


Preface These notes have served as a basis for a course in Pisa in Spring 1999. A parallel course on the construction of o-minimal structures was given by A. Macintyre. The content of these notes
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