Regular Paper Bus Serialization for Reducing Power Consumption

  title={Regular Paper Bus Serialization for Reducing Power Consumption},
  author={Naoki Hatta and Niko Demus Barli and Chitaka Iwama and Luong Dinh Hung and Daisuke Tashiro and Shuichi Sakai and Hidehiko Tanaka},
On-chip interconnects are becoming a major power consumer in scaled VLSI design. Consequently, bus power reduction has become effective for total power reduction on chip multiprocessors and system-on-a-chip requiring long interconnects as buses. In this paper, we advocate the use of bus serialization to reduce bus power consumption. Bus serialization decreases the number of wires and increases the pitch between the wires. The wider pitch decreases the coupling capacitances of the wires, and… CONTINUE READING


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