Reguläre Packungen Mit Reuleaux-Dreiecken

  title={Regul{\"a}re Packungen Mit Reuleaux-Dreiecken},
  author={Gerd Blind and R. Blind},
  journal={Results in Mathematics},
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Integral Powers of Numbers in Small Intervals Modulo 1: The Cardinality Gap Phenomenon

Abstract This paper deals with the distribution of αζn mod 1, where α ≠ 0, ζ > 1 are fixed real numbers and n runs through the positive integers. Denote by ‖·‖ the distance to the nearest integer. We



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The importance of recreational mathematics and the involvement of amateur mathematicians has been dramatically demonstrated recently in connection with the prob/ lem of tiling the plane with

The eighty-one types of isohedral tilings in the plane

1. A tiling is a collection = {Ti|i = 1, 2, …} of closed topological discs which covers the Euclidean plane E2, and of which the individual tiles Ti have disjoint interiors. We shall assume

On the densest packing of convex discs

We shall give a simple new proof of the following known theorem [1, 2]. Theorem. The upper density of a packing of translates of a convex disc cannot exceed the density of the densest lattice-packing