Regression of renal vascular fibrosis by endothelin receptor antagonism.

  title={Regression of renal vascular fibrosis by endothelin receptor antagonism.},
  author={J J Boffa and Pierre Louis Tharaux and J C Dussaule and Christos Chatziantoniou},
  volume={37 2 Pt 2},
In previous studies, we have observed that endothelin participates in the progression of renal vascular and glomerular fibrosis during hypertension by activating collagen I gene synthesis. The present study investigated whether administration of endothelin receptor antagonists leads to the regression of renal sclerotic lesions. Experiments were performed in transgenic mice harboring the luciferase gene under the control of the collagen I-alpha2 chain promoter. Hypertension was induced by long… CONTINUE READING