Regression analysis of correlated binary outcomes.

  title={Regression analysis of correlated binary outcomes.},
  author={C F Sheu},
  journal={Behavior research methods, instruments, & computers : a journal of the Psychonomic Society, Inc},
  volume={32 2},
  • C F Sheu
  • Published 2000 in
    Behavior research methods, instruments…
The purpose of this paper is to describe and illustrate a regression approach to the analysis of correlated binary outcomes (Liang & Zeger, 1986). Ignoring the correlations between repeated observations can lead to invalid inferences. This approach extends logistic regression to account for repeated observations in each of a series of individuals. In this paper, I present a nontechnical introduction to the generalized estimating equations (GEE) approach. A fictitious example is used to… CONTINUE READING