Regress in nuclear district heating. The need for rethinking cogeneration

  title={Regress in nuclear district heating. The need for rethinking cogeneration},
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Conceptual design and optimization of cogeneration system based on small modular lead‐cooled fast reactor

Cogeneration system based on Small Modular Lead‐cooled Fast Reactor (SMLFR) becomes attractive due to its good characteristics of flexible location, safety, thermal efficiency, and economy. The

Expected Impacts of the Massive Increase in Electric Vehicles in Slovakia

Society and the government perceive alternative propulsions as a way out of a world of high emissions. For several years now, European countries have been trying to enforce various strategic plans in

Nuclear Power in Poland’s Energy Transition

This article presents an analysis of the future role of nuclear energy in Poland’s path to a low-carbon energy transition. The arguments in favor of implementing nuclear power are to be found on



Nuclear power applications: Supplying heat for homes and industries

When the first nuclear power reactor at Calder Hall in the United Kingdom came into commercial operation in October 1956, it provided electricity to the grid and heat to a neighboring fuel

The Possibility to use a Nuclear Power Plant as a Source of Electrical Energy and Heat

In this article issues concernig the possibility of nuclear power plant (NPP) operation also as a source of heat, which means combined heat and power production, have been described. CHP work is

Electricity generation and health

Innovative model of trigeneration system generating desalinated water, hot and cold by using low grade heat recovery from nuclear reactor set in cascade of sorption devices

The paper introduces an innovative conceptual model of a trigeneration system based on implementation of sorption devices in cascade configuration: absorption heat pumps and adsorption chillers

Report-evaluation of a small scale district heating system in Ullared, Sweden

This evaluation and final report is a part of an EU-project, “Energy in Minds” (EiM). The project is a part of the EU-programme Concerto within the Sixth Framework Programme. EiM has been running