Registration of Sub-Sequence and Multi-Camera Reconstructions for Camera Motion Estimation


This paper presents different application scenarios for which the registration of sub-sequence reconstructions or multi-camera reconstructions is essential for successful camera motion estimation and 3D reconstruction from video. The registration is achieved by merging unconnected feature point tracks between the reconstructions. One application is drift removal for sequential camera motion estimation of long sequences. The state-of-the-art in drift removal is to apply a RANSAC approach to find unconnected feature point tracks. In this paper an alternative spectral algorithm for pairwise matching of unconnected feature point tracks is used. It is then shown that the algorithms can be combined and applied to novel scenarios where independent camera motion estimations must be registered into a common global coordinate system. In the first scenario multiple moving cameras, which capture the same scene simultaneously, are registered. A second new scenario occurs in situations where the tracking of feature points during sequential camera motion estimation fails completely, e.g., due to large Digital Peer Publishing Licence Any party may pass on this Work by electronic means and make it available for download under the terms and conditions of the current version of the Digital Peer Publishing Licence (DPPL). The text of the licence may be accessed and retrieved via Internet at First presented at the 5th European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP 2008) under the title: “Merging of Feature Tracks for Camera Motion Estimation from Video”, extended and revised for JVRB occluding objects in the foreground, and the unconnected tracks of the independent reconstructions must be merged. In the third scenario image sequences of the same scene, which are captured under different illuminations, are registered. Several experiments with challenging real video sequences demonstrate that the presented techniques work in practice.

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