Registration of ‘ RWA 1758 ’ Russian Wheat Aphid - Resistant Spring Barley

  • P . Bregitzer, D . W . Mornhinweg, D . E . Obert, J . Windes
  • Published 2008


RWA 1758’ (Reg. No. CV-336; PI 648913) is a spring, Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia Mordvilko) (RWA) –resistant two-rowed barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) developed by the USDA-ARS. RWA 1758 was selected and released on the basis of competitive agronomic performance and resistance to damage caused by RWA feeding. RWA 1758 derives from a BC3F3:4 selection from the cross ‘Baronesse’*4/STARS 9577B. It was tested under the experimental designation 01ST1758. STARS 9577B is a six-rowed spring RWA-resistant germplasm line developed and released by the USDAARS. STARS 9577B is resistant to the fi ve RWA biotypes known to be present in the United States. STARS 9577B was developed via selection from CIho 4165, a landrace originally collected in Afghanistan. The main component of the resistance is tolerance, conferred by two dominant genes with recessive epistasis.

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