Register-Specific Collocational Constructions in English and Spanish: A Usage-Based Approach

  title={Register-Specific Collocational Constructions in English and Spanish: A Usage-Based Approach},
  author={Gloria Corpas Pastor},
  journal={Journal of Social Sciences},
  • G. C. Pastor
  • Published 13 July 2015
  • Linguistics
  • Journal of Social Sciences
Constructions are usage-based, conventionalised pairings of form and function within a cline of complexity and schematisation. Most research within Construction Grammar has focused on the monolingual description of schematic constructions: Mainly in English, but to a lesser extent in other languages as well. By contrast, very little constructional analyses have been carried out across languages. In this study we will focus on a type of partially substantive construction from the point of view… 

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