Regioregulated Syntheses of Poly(aminopyridine)s by Pd-catalyzed Amination Reaction.

  title={Regioregulated Syntheses of Poly(aminopyridine)s by Pd-catalyzed Amination Reaction.},
  author={Junpei Kuwabara and Hironori Mori and Takuya Teratani and Munetaka Akita and Takaki Kanbara},
  journal={Macromolecular rapid communications},
  volume={30 12},
Regioregulated poly(aminopyridine)s were synthesized by a Pd-catalyzed CN coupling reaction. The polymerization using Pd(0) and a bulky monodentate phosphine ligand distinctively produced the para-linked and meta-linked poly(aminopyridine)s, without the need for a protection process. The regioregularity of the polymer was confirmed by (1) H NMR spectroscopy. Model reactions were studied to evaluate the possibility of crosslinkage in the polymer. A large difference in reactivity was observed… CONTINUE READING