Regionalization defects in the weaver mouse cerebellum.

  title={Regionalization defects in the weaver mouse cerebellum.},
  author={Leonard M. Eisenman and Ed.J. Gallagher and Richard Hawkes},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={394 4},
The mammalian cerebellum consists of parasagittal bands and transverse zones that are laid down early in development. When the adult cerebellum is immunostained for the Purkinje cell-specific antigen zebrin II (i.e., aldolase C), compartmentation is reflected in alternating zebrin II+ (P+) and zebrin II- bands (P ). The zebrin II phenotype is Purkinje cell autonomous; thus, disruptions in the zebrin pattern may reflect early problems in pattern formation. Zebrin II expression has been examined… CONTINUE READING

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