Regionalist Parties in Western Europe

  title={Regionalist Parties in Western Europe},
  author={Lieven de Winter and Huri T{\"u}rsan},
1. Introduction: Ethnoregionalist Parties as Ethnic Entrepreneurs, Huri Tursan 2. Ethnoregionalist Parties in Western Europe, Ferdinand Muller-Rommel 3. The Volksunie and the Dilemma between Policy Success and Electoral Survival in Flanders, Lieven De Winter 4. Ethnoregionalist Parties in French-speaking Belgium 5. Nationalist Parties in Catalonia, Juan Marcet and Jordi Argelaguet 6. Moderate Nationalist Parties in the Basque Country, Eusko Alkartasuna 7. The Scottish National Party, James L… Expand
Regionalist Party Mobilisation on Immigration A Comparison of the Scottish National Party, the Bavarian Christian Social Union, the Italian Northern League and the Catalan Convergence and Union Party
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Political strategy and ideological adaptation in regionalist parties in Western Europe: a comparative study of the Northern League, Plaid Cymru, the South Tyrolese People's Party and the Scottish National Party
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Regionalist Party Mobilisation on Immigration
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