Regionalisation and acquisition of polarity in the optic tectum.

  title={Regionalisation and acquisition of polarity in the optic tectum.},
  author={Harukazu Nakamura},
  journal={Progress in neurobiology},
  volume={65 5},
The optic tectum differentiates from the alar plate of the mesencephalon and receives retinal fibres in a precise retinotopic manner. Here, mechanisms of tectum polarisation and regionalisation are reviewed. Misexpression of Pax2, Pax5 or En can change the fate of the presumptive diencephalon to that of the tectum. Ephrin A2 and A5 are expressed in a gradient in the tectum, caudal high and rostral low, and may play important roles in the formation of a precise retinotectal projection map… CONTINUE READING
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