Regional rat brain noradrenaline turnover in response to restraint stress.

  title={Regional rat brain noradrenaline turnover in response to restraint stress.},
  author={Gary B. Glavin and Masatoshi Tanaka and Akira Tsuda and Yoshiro Kohno and Yoshio Hoaki and Nobuykuki Nagasaki},
  journal={Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior},
  volume={19 2},
Male Wistar rats were starved for 12 hr and then subjected to either 2 hr of wire mesh "envelope" restraint at room temperature; 2 hr of supine restraint in a specially constructed harness at room temperature or were not restrained. Eight brain regions were examined for NA level and the level of its major metabolite, MHPG-SO4. Plasma corticosterone and gastric ulcer incidence were also measured. All restrained rats displayed marked elevations in MHPG-SO4 levels in most brain regions. In… CONTINUE READING

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