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Regional histology of the subcutaneous tissue and the sweat glands of Large White Yorkshire pigs.

  title={Regional histology of the subcutaneous tissue and the sweat glands of Large White Yorkshire pigs.},
  author={K. B. Sumena and K. Lucy and J. J. Chungath and N. Ashok and K. Harshan},
  journal={Tamilnadu Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences},
Histology of the subcutis and the sweat glands from different regions of the body in Large White Yorkshire pigs was studied using 12 animals of six to ten months of age. The subcutaneous tissue or hypodermis anchored the dermis to the underlying muscles or bone. The spaces between collagen networks were filled with adipocytes, which were arranged in small lobules in the ventral neck and ventral abdominal regions, whereas in the neck dorsal, abdomen dorsal and abdomen lateral areas these… Expand
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