Regional differentiation of the blood-epididymis barrier in stallion (Equus caballus).

  title={Regional differentiation of the blood-epididymis barrier in stallion (Equus caballus).},
  author={Maria Luisa S Sequeira Lopez and Patricio Fuentes and Cl{\'a}udio Andr{\'e}s Retamal and Wanderley de Souza},
  journal={Journal of submicroscopic cytology and pathology},
  volume={29 3},
The occurrence, localization and ultrastructural characteristics of a blood-tissue barrier throughout the stallion proximal seminal excurrent duct system were studied by the exclusion of electron-dense tracers and freeze-fracture techniques. Striking differences were observed in the distribution of lanthanum tracer and in the geometrical organization of the zonulae occludentes along the ductus efferentes, epididymides and vas deferens. The zonulae occludentes domain, the principal structural… CONTINUE READING
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