Regional differences in gender promotion and scholarly productivity in otolaryngology.


OBJECTIVES To identify whether regional differences exist in gender disparities in scholarly productivity and faculty rank among academic otolaryngologists. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Academic otolaryngologists' bibliometric data analyses. METHODS Online faculty listings from 98 otolaryngology departments were organized by gender, academic rank, fellowship training status, and institutional location. The Scopus database was used to assess bibliometrics of these otolaryngologists, including the h-index, number of publications, and publication experience. RESULTS Analysis included 1127 otolaryngologists, 916 men (81.3%) and 211 women (18.7%). Female faculty comprised 15.4% in the Midwest, 18.8% in the Northeast, 21.3% in the South, and 19.0% in the West (P = .44). Overall, men obtained significantly higher senior academic ranks (associate professor or professor) compared to women (59.8% vs. 40.2%, P < .0001). Regional gender differences in senior faculty were found in the South (59.8% men vs. 37.3% women, P = .0003) and Northeast (56.4% men vs. 24.1% women, P < .0001) with concomitant gender differences in scholarly impact, as measured by the h-index (South, P = .0003; Northeast, P = .0001). Among geographic subdivisions, female representation at senior ranks was lowest in the Mid-Atlantic (22.0%), New England (30.8%), and West South Central (33.3%), while highest in Pacific (60.0%) and Mountain (71.4%) regions. No regional gender differences were found in fellowship training patterns (P-values > .05). CONCLUSION Gender disparities in academic rank and scholarly productivity exist most notably in the Northeast, where women in otolaryngology are most underrepresented relative to men at senior academic ranks and in scholarly productivity.

DOI: 10.1177/0194599813515183
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