Regional PATLIB centres as integrated one-stop service providers for intellectual property services

  title={Regional PATLIB centres as integrated one-stop service providers for intellectual property services},
  author={Christian Sternitzke and Adam Bartkowski and Reinhard Schramm},
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Intellectual property information services and the impacts on academic libraries’ transformation from the perspective of Chinese university libraries

Approximately 100 Intellectual Property Information Services Centres have been established in Chinese university libraries, more than 80% of them since 2017. The context of this boom in Intellectual

Patent informatics: The issue of relevance in full-text patent document searches

Based on the bibliographic and content analyses of patent documents, the paper provides instructions for users in the form of ten general rules for increasing the relevance of full‐text patent document searches.

Similarity measures for document mapping: A comparative study on the level of an individual scientist

This paper investigates the utility of the Inclusion Index, the Jaccard Index and the Cosine Index for calculating similarities of documents, as used for mapping science and technology and finds that the two former ones tend to describe rather semantic similarities that differ from knowledge flows as expressed by the citation-based methodologies.

Chemistry databases of the scientific and technical network STN International

Chemistry databases of the largest international scientific and technical information network, STN International, are characterized in detail. The searching and analytical facilities of STN



Inventors are not alike: the distribution of patenting output among industrial R&D personnel

The findings of this study suggest that the technological performance of inventors defined by the number and quality of filed patents is highly concentrated, and in particular, a very small group of key inventors is responsible for the major part of the company's technological performance, and thus for theCompany's competitiveness.

Patent-Based Inventor Profiles as a Basis for Human Resource Decisions in Research and Development

A new method of inventor profiling will be put forward, which is based in particular on semantic patent analysis and multidimensional scaling, and is clearly apt to support human resource management.

Information Sources in Patents

L'evento e il primo appuntamento del ciclo di seminari "Strumenti per conoscere la letteratura brevettuale", organizzato da Sardegna Ricerche e dall'Industrial Liaison office dell'Universita di

European Patent Office

Searching for information on foreign patents has always been a difficult task, especially before the advent of computer technology, but with the advance of the World Wide Web and recent improvements in Web browser technology, more options began to appear.