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Regional Development in Sparsely Populated Areas: The Case of Quebec's Missing Maritime Cluster */ le Developpement Regional Dans Des Regions a Densite Demographique Faible: Le Cas Du Cluster Maritime Manquante Manquant Au Quebec

  title={Regional Development in Sparsely Populated Areas: The Case of Quebec's Missing Maritime Cluster */ le Developpement Regional Dans Des Regions a Densite Demographique Faible: Le Cas Du Cluster Maritime Manquante Manquant Au Quebec},
  author={David Doloreux and R. Shearmur},
  journal={The Canadian Journal of Regional Science},
The cluster concept has become very popular as a guiding principle for regional development policies. The objective of these policies is usually to support the local job market, and the way this is accomplished is by promoting industrial competitiveness and innovation in local firms. It is believed that policies based on the promotion of industrial clusters will achieve this. However, the formation of clusters requires certain conditions--not least of which are proximity between actors and a… Expand

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