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Regenerative braking in an electric vehicle

  title={Regenerative braking in an electric vehicle},
  author={J. Cody and {\"O}. G{\"o}l and Z. Nedic and A. Nafalski and A. Mohtar},
Electric vehicles have been attracting unprecedented attention in light of the volatile market prices and prospect of diminishing supplies of fuel. [...] Key Result A rare case when regenerative braking can not occur is when the battery is already fully charged [3]. In such a case, braking needs to be effected by dissipating the energy in a resistive load. Mechanical braking is still required in EVs for a number of reasons. At low speeds regenerative braking is not effective and may fail to stop the vehicle in…Expand
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Regenerative braking of electric vehicles
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Brushless motors are mostly used in pump and fan applications. They have the capability of developing high torque with good speed response. The Brushless DC motors possess their high efficiency, highExpand


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Research of energy regeneration technology in electric vehicle
The theory of energy regeneration in electric vehicle (EV) has been introduced in most papers, but the ma thematic model of EV energy regeneration system was little studied. In this paper the maExpand
Research of energy regeneration technology in electric vehicle
The theory of energy regeneration in electric vehicle (EV) has been introduced in most papers, but the ma thematic model of EV energy regeneration system was little studied. In this paper the maExpand
A Aompact and Affordable BLDC Motor Controller for a Microelectronics Remote Laboratory
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Knjiga se u osnovi sastoji od dva dijela. U prvom, uvodnom dijelu, kojeg cine tri poglavlja, navedeni su osnovni pojmovi energetske elektronike te modeli komponenata sklopova energetske elektronike,Expand
Regenerative Braking Control for a BLDC Motor in Electric Vehicle Applications
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  • 2008
Regenerative Braking Boosts Green Credentials, Railwaygazette”, features_view/article/2007/07/7577/regenerative_braki ng_boosts_green_credentials.htm
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