Regeneration of Müller and Mauthner axons after spinal transection in larval lampreys.

  title={Regeneration of M{\"u}ller and Mauthner axons after spinal transection in larval lampreys.},
  author={Carl M. Rovainen},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={168 4},
The regeneration of large unmyelinated axons following transection of the spinal cord was studied in small larval sea lampreys (Petromyzon marinus). Individual Müller and Mauthner axons normally occur in a characteristic pattern in the spinal cord, but their positions were altered in the first several segments caudal to the lesion following regeneration. Müller axons grew out of the ventral tracts and sometimes looped back towards the brain or crossed the midline; maximum misdirection of axons… CONTINUE READING

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