Regeneration of Carnegiea gigantea ( Cactaceae ) since 1850 in three populations in the northern Sonoran Desert Taly

  title={Regeneration of Carnegiea gigantea ( Cactaceae ) since 1850 in three populations in the northern Sonoran Desert Taly},
  author={Bolton Hall},
Saguaro cacti (Carnegiea gigantea) are long-lived and exhibit great variability in growth that makes age estimation problematic. A few single-site studies have focused on those locales where long-term data (e.g. 85 years) are available. Using a newly developed technique, 733 saguaros were sampled in three locales (Silverbell, Harcuvar, Kofa) across Arizona and their age structure reconstructed for the last 150 years based on a mathematical model of the heights of individuals. This is the first… CONTINUE READING


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