Regeneration in subalpine coniferous forests

  title={Regeneration in subalpine coniferous forests},
  author={Mamoru Kanzaki and Kyoji Yoda},
  journal={The botanical magazine = Shokubutsu-gaku-zasshi},
Death of canopy trees when gaps are formed was studied in a subalpine coniferous forest, central Japan, which was composed ofAbies, Tsuga, Picea, Betula, andSorbus. Typhoons were considered to be the most important cause of the death of canopy trees. The degree of disturbance in each of 16 plots (20 m×20 m) was represented by the percentage of the total basal area of dead trees to that of living and dead canopy trees (disturbance magnitude; MAG). The mortality of canopy trees increased as their… CONTINUE READING
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