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Regeneration in Polychoerus caudatus.

  title={Regeneration in Polychoerus caudatus.},
  author={N. M. Stevens and A. C. Boring},
  journal={Journal of Experimental Zoology},

Free-living flatworms under the knife: past and present

This review aims to display and to compare regeneration in all major free-living flatworm taxa, with special focus on a new player in the field of regeneration, Macrostomum lignano (Macrostomorpha).

Studien über die Regeneration der Nemertinen

Inhaltsfibersicht, Seite E r s t e r Te i l : Techniseh-methodisehe Vorbemerkungen, Beobachtungen am Lebenden, Resultsate und Schliisse allgemein-biologischer Be4eutung.

The localization of different methods of form-regulation in Polychoerus caudatus

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    Archiv für Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen
  • 2005

Nettie Maria Stevens (1861-1912): her life and contributions to cytogenetics.

One of the first American women to achieve recognition for her contributions to scientific research was Nettie Maria Stevens, whose investigations in cytogenetics and embryology added greatly to the

The Perception of Gravity and of Angular Acceleration in Invertebrates

It is not just scientific curiosity which makes physiologists turn to lower animals for subjects of their experiments; often enough they have supplied excellent preparations for the analysis of