Regenerating functional myocardium: Improved performance after skeletal myoblast transplantation

  title={Regenerating functional myocardium: Improved performance after skeletal myoblast transplantation},
  author={Doris A Taylor and Broadus Zane Atkins and Pinata Hungspreugs and Thomas Russel Jones and Mary C. Reedy and Kelley A. Hutchinson and Donald D. Glower and William E Kraus},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
The adult heart lacks reserve cardiocytes and cannot regenerate. Therefore, a large acute myocardial infarction often develops into congestive heart failure. To attempt to prevent this progression, we transplanted skeletal myoblasts into cryoinfarcted myocardium of the same rabbits (autologous transfer), monitored cardiac function in vivo for two to six weeks and examined serial sections of the hearts by light and electron microscopy. Islands of different sizes comprising elongated, striated… CONTINUE READING
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