Regelungstheoretisches kreislaufmodell zur interpretation arbeitsphysiologischer und rhythmologischer Einflüsse auf die Momentanherzfrequenz: Arrhythmie

  title={Regelungstheoretisches kreislaufmodell zur interpretation arbeitsphysiologischer und rhythmologischer Einfl{\"u}sse auf die Momentanherzfrequenz: Arrhythmie},
  author={Holger Luczak and Friedhart Raschke},
  journal={Biological Cybernetics},
A model of the structure and the behaviour of human heart rate control is developed. It is built up by combining the transfer functions of physiological elements, that take part in the control process. The main factors, that influence the attitude of momentary heart rate, are respiration, blood pressure, metabolic effects and parameters of work physiology, like physical and psychical stress. The model especially explains the fluctuations in momentary heart rate, the arrhythmia, and its… CONTINUE READING


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