Refusing to be a Man: Essays on Sex and Justice

  title={Refusing to be a Man: Essays on Sex and Justice},
  author={John Stoltenberg},
Since its original publication in 1989, Refusing to be a Man has been acclaimed as a classic and widely cited in gender studies literature. In 13 eloquent essays, Stoltenberg articulates the first fully argued liberation theory for men that will also liberate women. He argues that male sexual identity is entirely a political and ethical construction whose advantages grow out of injustice. His thesis is, however, ultimately one of hope - that precisely because masculinity is so constructed, it… 

Men Interminably in Crisis? Historians on Masculinity, Sexual Boundaries, and Manhood

Historians scrutinize femininities in various ways. In the past thirty years, feminism has explicitly inspired or framed much of that scrutiny. Feminist appropriations of the term gender became

Porn and Me(n): Sexual Morality, Objectification, and Religion at the Wheelock Anti-Pornography Conference

In the Spring of 2007, I interviewed a panel of four men, who along with me, had just attended a national anti-pornography conference at Wheelock College. As we discussed topics ranging from

Men’s Antiviolence Activism and the Construction of Gender-Equitable Masculinities

One increasingly visible expression of alternative masculinities around the globe is men’s involvement in efforts to prevent men’s violence against women. Men who take part in such efforts, for

The many paths of feminism: Can men travel any of them? [1]

Abstract While the ‘theory and practice’ of the present feminist movement has transcended untold borders, it has also largely failed to traverse one significant boundary (that constitutes nearly 50%

Tough Guise

This article makes a controversial proposal: to place masculinity at the center of a feminist analysis. This will seem an alarming move to some, who might say that men already are at the center of

Heterosexual Instrumentalism: Past and Future Directions

Two distinct strands of feminist thought have emerged in the past 20 years in explaining the behaviors of rape, sexual harassment, incest, prostitution and the presentation of these found in

Deconstructing the Experiential Bar

This article revisits the issue of male experience and its possible relationship to gender politics. Traditionally, feminism has viewed male experience as representing a bar to the development of

Searching for a Masculine Model: Missteps Made during Three Decades of the Men's Movement and Why Moderation is the Key

This article examines contemporary male ethicists' search for a revised masculine ethic by surveying three stages of the Men's Movement—the Feminist-Friendly, Mythopoetic, and Moderate Men's

Style or Substance

The need for insights into how men could support the creation of feminist realities sometimes pushes into the background a deeper analysis of how men support the maintenance of the status quo. Given



Abortion: subjective attitudes and feelings.

  • E. Freeman
  • Philosophy
    Family planning perspectives
  • 1978
The decision to terminate a pregnancy is neither casual nor easy. Most women see abortion as a difficult but necessary alternative to an unintended birth. Their ambivalence is no reason to counsel

Abortion counseling: an experimental study of three techniques.

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