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Refugee communities intercultural dialogue: building relationships, building communities

  title={Refugee communities intercultural dialogue: building relationships, building communities},
  author={Vicky Saunders and Steven Roche and Morag McArthur and Fiona Arney and Tahereh Ziaian},
Overview This mixed-methods study, undertaken by the Institute of Child Protection Studies (ICPS), Australian Catholic University (ACU) and the Australian Centre for Child Protection (ACCP), University of South Australia (USA), on behalf of the Department of Social Services (DSS), was designed to provide in-depth and contextualised data about how services may better support refugee parents to care for their children. By developing a better understanding of the social supports, resources and… 
Overcoming Barriers to Service Access: Refugees’ Professional Support Service Utilization and the Impact of Human and Social Capital
  • Ellen Heidinger
  • Business
    Journal of International Migration and Integration
  • 2022
After arriving in a new country, refugees are typically dependent on professional support to re-establish their livelihood. However, it is well documented that refugees face barriers when seeking
Improving formal service responses for refugee families in Australia
Effective formal services, including both mainstream and specialist migrant and refugee services, are critical to supporting the resettlement of refugee families in Australia. In a study with refugee
Working With At-Risk Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young People in Australia: Risk Factors, Programming, and Service Delivery
Young people from particular culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds are overrepresented in Australia’s criminal justice system. Many possess the typical risk profiles of
Exploring presentation differences in multi-cultural youth seeking assistance for mental health problems
Exploring the mental health concerns and social factors exhibited by CALD individuals accessing community based youth mental health services in two major cities found cultural differences across clinical and environmental factors appear to be minimal.


Refugee Participation in South Australian Child Protection Research: Power, Voice, and Representation
An ecological framework with added actions for coding of transcript data was developed which provided an analytical framework to unpack and examine overarching themes regarding cultural beliefs and values held by refugee participants on the parenting process.
Child welfare approaches for Indigenous communities : international perspectives
Many of the problems associated with child abuse and neglect in communities are directly related to experiences of colonisation. Indigenous peoples in different countries and communities may have
Refugee resettlement, family separation and Australia's humanitarian program
This qualitative study interviewed refugees in Melbourne and explored how they perceived family, the impact of separation and the impact of the Australian government’s policy regarding family reunion
Integrating diversity and fostering interdependence: Ecological lessons learned about refugee participation in multiethnic communities
Communities in the United States are becoming increasingly diverse, in part, because of the continual resettlement of refugees and immigrants from around the world. The promotion of refugees'
The evaluation of the Protecting and Nurturing Children: Building Capacity, Building Bridges initiative
In 2010, the then Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (now the Department of Social Services) funded the Australian Centre for Child Protection (ACCP) to
Negotiating family, navigating resettlement: family connectedness amongst resettled youth with refugee backgrounds living in Melbourne, Australia
It is argued that youth focused settlement services must explicitly engage with family contexts in assisting refugee youth to achieve wellbeing and successfully resettle.
Young refugees talk about well-being: A qualitative analysis of refugee youth mental health from three states
Young people from refugee backgrounds face enormous challenges in the settlement process within Australia. They must locate themselves within a new social, cultural, geographic and adult space, yet
Providing Social Support for Immigrants and Refugees in Canada: Challenges and Directions
Findings from a qualitative study of social support for immigrants and refugees in Canada suggest changes in public discourse about immigrants’ contributions, improved governance and service coordination, and a holistic, long-term perspective are important to more effectively support immigrant settlement and to promote immigrant health and well being.
Vulnerable Families’ Use of Services: Getting What They Need
Abstract There is growing recognition in Australia and in other countries that some people face complex challenges and multiple disadvantages in their everyday lives, and that their needs for safety,