Refractory lymphocytic enterocolitis and tumor necrosis factor antagonist therapy.

  title={Refractory lymphocytic enterocolitis and tumor necrosis factor antagonist therapy.},
  author={Ghazaleh Aram and Theodore M. Bayless and Zong-ming Chen and Elizabeth Anne Montgomery and Mark Donowitz and Francis M. Giardiello},
  journal={Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology : the official clinical practice journal of the American Gastroenterological Association},
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BACKGROUND & AIMS Lymphocytic enterocolitis is a malabsorptive syndrome characterized by severe small-bowel villous abnormality and crypt hyperplasia and dense infiltrate of lymphocytes throughout the gastrointestinal tract. METHODS We present 2 patients with lymphocytic enterocolitis refractory to usual medical therapy who were treated with tumor necrosis factor antagonists. RESULTS Both patients had clinical improvement in diarrheal symptoms and intestinal histologic abnormalities… CONTINUE READING