Refractive errors in low-income preschoolers.

  title={Refractive errors in low-income preschoolers.},
  author={Barbara L Brody and Anne-Catherine Roch-Levecq and Hillary S. Klonoff-Cohen and S. I. Brown},
  journal={Ophthalmic epidemiology},
  volume={14 4},
PURPOSE To estimate the overall prevalence of refractive errors in a study population of low-income preschoolers in San Diego County. METHODS The study sample included 507 preschool children selected from a study population of all 3-5 year-old children in Head Start and San Diego Unified School District preschools (74% Latino). The sample was examined by optometrists in the mobile clinic of the University of California, San Diego, Department of Ophthalmology with retinoscopy under cycloplegia… CONTINUE READING