Reformers and revolutionaries: the battle for the working classes in Gibraltar and its hinterland, 1902–1921

  title={Reformers and revolutionaries: the battle for the working classes in Gibraltar and its hinterland, 1902–1921},
  author={Chris Grocott and Gareth Stockey and John Grady},
  journal={Labor History},
  pages={692 - 719}
Abstract This article examines labour organisation in Gibraltar and its hinterland from c.1914 to 1921. It demonstrates that the traditionally strong links which had existed between organisations in Gibraltar and neighbouring Spain, links based upon a shared belief in anarchist ideas and practices, had, by 1921, broken down due to the adoption of gradualist and constitutionalist politics and industrial relations by workers on the Rock. Two principle agents drove this change. First, in 1919, the… 
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