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Reflexiones sobre la falacia de la afirmación del consecuente: una revisión de las respuestas correctas en la prueba toflp (longeot)

  title={Reflexiones sobre la falacia de la afirmaci{\'o}n del consecuente: una revisi{\'o}n de las respuestas correctas en la prueba toflp (longeot)},
  author={Miguel L{\'o}pez Astorga},
In this paper, I analyze two conditional reasoning problems, the fourth one and the sixth one, of the adaptation of the TOFLP test (Longeot) presented by Chadwick and Orellana. In my opinion, in this version of the test, the valid answers for the mentioned problems are incorrect conclusions from a logical point of view. Thus, I explain why I think that these answers are not the appropriate answers and I hold that the difficulties of the two problems are linked with the information processing… 


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