Reflective subcategories

  title={Reflective subcategories},
  author={Juan Rada and Manuel Saori{\^a} and Alberto del Valle},
  journal={Glasgow Mathematical Journal},
  pages={97 - 113}
Given a full subcategory [Fscr ] of a category [Ascr ], the existence of left [Fscr ]-approximations (or [Fscr ]-preenvelopes) completing diagrams in a unique way is equivalent to the fact that [Fscr ] is reflective in [Ascr ], in the classical terminology of category theory. In the first part of the paper we establish, for a rather general [Ascr ], the relationship between reflectivity and covariant finiteness of [Fscr ] in [Ascr ], and generalize Freyd's adjoint functor theorem (for inclusion… 
Grothendieck quasitoposes
The envelope of a subcategory in topology and group theory
It is shown that reflective subcategories are orthogonality classes, that the Morphisms orthogonal to a reflective subcategory are precisely the morphisms inverted under the reflector, and that each subcategory has a largest “envelope” in the ambient category in which it is reflective.
Reflective and coreflective subcategories
Given any additive category C with split idempotents, pseudokernels and pseudocokernels, we show that a subcategory B is coreflective if, and only if, it is precovering, closed under direct summands
Semi-localizations of semi-abelian categories
Categorical algebra Semi-abelian categories, semi-localizations and factorization systems
Semi-abelian categories [9] provide a suitable context to study the (co)homology of non-abelian algebraic structures (such as groups, Lie algebras, compact groups, crossed modules, cocommutative Hopf
Torsion Theories and Coverings of V-Groups
For a commutative, unital and integral quantale V , we generalize to V -groups the results developed by Gran and Michel for preordered groups. We first of all show that, in the category V -Grp of V
A criterion for reflectiveness of normal extensions
We give a new sufficient condition for the normal extensions in an admissible Galois structure to be reflective. We then show that this condition is indeed fulfilled when X is the (protomodular)
Torsion theories and coverings of preordered groups
In this article we explore a non-abelian torsion theory in the category of preordered groups: the objects of its torsion-free subcategory are the partially ordered groups, whereas the objects of the
How many Adjunctions give Rise to the same Monad?
  • A. Salch
  • Mathematics
    Appl. Categorical Struct.
  • 2017
This paper single out a class of adjunctions with especially good properties, and develops methods for computing all such adjunctions, up to natural equivalence, which give rise to a given monad.
Monotone-light factorisation systems and torsion theories


Partial cotilting modules and the lattices induced by them
We study a duality between (infinitely generated) cotilting and tilting modules over an arbitrary ring. Dualizing a result of Bongartz, we show that a module P is partial cotilting iff P is a direct
On envelopes with the unique mapping property
We prove that (a) if R is a left coherent ring, then the weak global dimension w D(R) = 2) if and only if every (n – 2)th F–cosyzygy of a finitely presented right R–module has a flat envelope with
Coherent rings of finite weak global dimension
The category of left modules over right coherent rings of finite weak global dimension has several nice features. For example, every left module over such a ring has a flat cover (Belshoff, Enochs,
Injective and flat covers, envelopes and resolvents
Using the dual of a categorical definition of an injective envelope, injective covers can be defined. For a ringR, every leftR-module is shown to have an injective cover if and only ifR is left
The Spectrum of a Module Category
Introduction The functor category Definable subcategories Left approximations duality Ideals in the category of finitely presented modules Endofinite modules Krull-Gabriel dimension The infinite
The Ziegler spectrum of a tame hereditary algebra
Let A be a nite dimensional hereditary algebra of tame representation type. Let Com A be a complete set of indecomposable algebraically compact A-modules (one from each isomorphism class). We are
Locally Noetherian categories and generalized strictly linearly compact rings. Applications.
Locally Noetherian categories and generalized strictly linearly compact rings. Applications.
Coherence of polynomial rings
The main result is that A (X), the polynomial ring in any number of indeterminates over a coherent ring A of global dimension two, is coherent.
Representation Theory of Artin Algebras II
(1974). Representation Theory of Artin Algebras II. Communications in Algebra: Vol. 1, No. 4, pp. 269-310.
Rings characterized by (pre)envelopes and (pre)covers of their modules