Reflections on the discovery and significance of estrogen receptor beta.

  title={Reflections on the discovery and significance of estrogen receptor beta.},
  author={Konrad F. Koehler and Luisa Alejandra Helguero and Lars-Arne Haldos{\'e}n and Margaret Warner and Jan-{\AA}ke Gustafsson},
  journal={Endocrine reviews},
  volume={26 3},
We have known for many years that estrogen is more than the female hormone. It is essential in the male gonads, and in both sexes, estrogen has functions in the skeleton and central nervous system, on behavior, and in the cardiovascular and immune systems. An important aspect of the discovery of estrogen receptor (ER) beta is that the diverse functions of estrogen can now be divided into those mediated by ERalpha and those mediated by ERbeta. Pharmacological exploitation of this division of the… CONTINUE READING
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