Reflections on the Scholarship of African Origins and Influence in American Slavery

  title={Reflections on the Scholarship of African Origins and Influence in American Slavery},
  author={P. Stuckey},
  journal={The Journal of African American History},
  pages={425 - 443}
  • P. Stuckey
  • Published 22 September 2006
  • History
  • The Journal of African American History
Ye dark-skinned peoples, listen to me: Our fathers did not play about with names. To hear their names is to know their origin, Every name a veritable testament! Tobosun Sowande, Black Lines, 1970-72 Some three years ago, at an Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora (ASWAD) conference at Northwestern University, Michael A. Gomez, chair of the History Department at New York University, proposed a tribute to me in honor of my retirement. He indicated that he and Robert A. Hill… 

U.S. Slavery and the Black Radical Tradition: The 25th Anniversary Edition of Sterling Stuckey’s Slave Culture

2013 was an appropriate year for Oxford University Press to release the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Sterling Stuckey’s Slave Culture: Nationalist Theory and the Foundations of Black America, a pathbreaking synthesis and exploration of various dimensions of African slave culture in the United States from the perspective of the enslaved.

Revisiting modes of enslavement: the role of raiding, kidnapping and wars in the European slave trade

ABSTRACT The works of John Thornton, Herbert Klein, James Walvis, John Reader, John Fage and others have given the slave trade new different interpretations, provocatively arguing, among other


For 2006 the bibliography continues its customary coverage of secondary writings published since 1900 in western European languages on slavery or the slave trade anywhere in the world: monographs,

Missional soul winning: the study of a new horizon for Christian ministry

MISSIONAL SOUL WINNING: THE STUDY OF A NEW HORIZON FOR CHRISTIAN MINISTRY by David Elijab Bradley The purpose ofthe study is to evaluate the cognitive, affective, and behavioral changes in the



Blacks in Virginia: A Note on the First Decade

A MID the historiographical wrangling that has in recent years focused on the origins of American slavery and race prejudice, at least one item of agreement has held firm: almost nothing is known

Life And Labor in the Old South

A celebrated social history, "Life and Labor in the Old South" (1929) represents the culmination of three decades of research and reflection on the social and economic systems of the antebellum South

Methodist Error; or, Friendly, Christian Advice, to those Methodists, Who Indulge in Extravagant Emotions and Bodily Exercises

    If some, in the meantime sit, they strike the sounds on each thigh. What in the name of religion, can countenance or tolerate such gross perversions of true religion

      Originally published in 1899.1 am indebted to John Bracey for having called Du Bois's reference to the Ring Shout in Philadelphia to my attention. 48Ibid., 221. See the endnote

      • The Philadelphia Negro: A Social Study
      • 1969

      Twenty Negroes to Jamestown in 1619?

      • Virginia Quarterly Review
      • 1971

      In short, peasant folklore, unlike that of American blacks, contained substantial elements of social consciousness expressing lofty ideals of heroism, generosity, and struggle for the common good

      • Kolchin not been born in the time of Elizabeth Eckford (one of the nine teenagers who faced mobs at Central High in Little Rock)

      I am working on a study of the Shout covering Pennsylvania