Reflections on computer engineering graduate cultivating


To cultivate national qualified talents, institutions of higher learning should adhere to an open policy and make innovations in their function and objective of academic training; they should produce talents to meet the needs of the latest development in science, technology, culture, and economy. Under current situation, the curriculum of graduate system needs to be reformed in order to train the academic and applied graduates. Innovation ability of scientific research and operative ability are important parts of computer engineering graduate education. A cultivation mode for computer engineering graduate is explored from three aspects: practice ability of scientific research, innovative consciousness and ability, and international perspective. The methods of teaching are analyzed. The influencing factors on the quality of thesis are also discussed in detail.

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@article{Hou2012ReflectionsOC, title={Reflections on computer engineering graduate cultivating}, author={Alin Hou and Xin Wang and Liquan Yang}, journal={2012 2nd International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet)}, year={2012}, pages={3383-3386} }