Reflections on a Wall of Light

  title={Reflections on a Wall of Light},
  author={P.-M. Binder},
  pages={1334 - 1335}
  • P. Binder
  • Published 28 November 2008
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
These reservations qualify as quibbles. Without a doubt, Rupar et al. have created a nearly naked germanium(II) dication, a species for which there is no precedent in nonmetallic inorganic chemistry. It may have interesting synthetic applications, as a template for adding two to four groups to germanium. Germanium-73 nuclear magnetic resonance measurements could clarify to what extent germanium is free. Finally, the successful isolation of this species suggests that it may be possible to… 
Comprehensive Control of Atomic Motion
The connections between single-photon cooling and information entropy are discussed and future application of these methods to fundamental tests with hydrogen isotopes is outlined.
Thermodynamics of information processing based on enzyme kinetics: An exactly solvable model of an information pump.
A minimal model of the information pump and the information eraser based on enzyme kinetics that offers a simple paradigm for the investigating of the thermodynamics of information processing involving the chemical potential in small systems is proposed.
Generating realistic scaled complex networks
It is argued that ReCoN is a scalable and effective tool for modeling a given network while preserving important properties at both micro- and macroscopic scales, and for scaling the exemplar data by orders of magnitude in size.


Experimental realization of an optical one-way barrier for neutral atoms.
An asymmetric optical potential barrier for ultracold 87Rb atoms using laser light tuned near the D2 optical transition is demonstrated, which is a realization of Maxwell's demon and has important implications for cooling atoms and molecules not amenable to standard laser-cooling techniques.
Demons, Engines and the Second Law
O ne manifestation of the sec­ ond law of thermodynamics is that such devices as refrigera­ tors, which create inequalities of tem­ perature, require energy in order to operate. Conversely, an
One-photon atomic cooling with an optical Maxwell demon valve
We discuss the relationship between recent proposals of 'atom diodes' or one-way barriers for ultracold atoms and a Maxwell demon valve: in particular the way in which these proposals make use of
Stopping supersonic beams with a series of pulsed electromagnetic coils: an atomic coilgun.
A supersonic beam of metastable neon created in a gas discharge is used as a monochromatic source of paramagnetic atoms to stop an atomic beam, using a series of pulsed electromagnetic coils.
Quantum optics: Maxwell’s demon opens new doors
Maxwell's demon has now been realized using laser light. The ability to let atoms pass one way but not the other through a light 'gate' could provide new means to cool atomic and molecular vapours.
Quantum-mechanical Maxwell’s demon
A Maxwell's demon is a device that gets information and trades it in for thermodynamic advantage, in apparent (but not actual) contradiction to the second law of thermodynamics. Quantum-mechanical
über die Entropieverminderung in einem thermodynamischen System bei Eingriffen intelligenter Wesen
ZusammenfassungEs wird untersucht, durch welche Umstände es bedingt ist, daß man scheinbar ein Perpetuum mobile zweiter Art konstruieren kann, wenn man ein Intellekt besitzendes Wesen Eingriffe an
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  • 2008
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