Reflections on Violence.

  title={Reflections on Violence.},
  author={S. Ball and G. Sorel and T. Hulme},
  journal={The Economic Journal},
Justice and Divine Violence: Walter Benjamin and the Time of Anticipation
Abstract: In his “Critique of Violence,” Walter Benjamin seeks to rethink justice as the interruption of the juridical temporality, which is characterized by the relationship between means and ends.Expand
The Framing of (Counter) State Violence: Challenging the rhetoric of non-State actors, political violence & ‘terrorism’
The labeling of violence as either legitimate or illegitimate is more an act of Statecraft than a values-based examination of the incident itself. This is a central thesis I teach my students, itExpand
Two Concepts of Violence
The aim of this review article is to explore some theoretical issues regarding the nature and scope of violence. There are two ways of thinking about violence: in terms of an act of force, or inExpand
Understanding violence: a case study of the approach of practitioners to survivors of violence
Overcoming actual violence is the driving, although hidden force behind modern modes of thought and investigation, the conceptualisation of civil society since Hobbes, Ferguson and Rousseau, and theExpand
The discursive significance of violence : an analysis of four popular twentieth century films
This thesis examines the discursive significance of violence in twentieth century popular culture. It explains the desire and demand for representations of violence by analyzing their dual role as aExpand
Cycle of Violence Theories and Conflict Resolution in the Post-Yugoslav States
This paper examines the implementation of non-governmental programs in the post-Yugoslav states. Current conflict resolution initiatives are informed by theories of deviancy and the idea of cycles ofExpand
The Dynamiters: Irish Nationalism and Political Violence in the Wider World, 1867–1900
Introduction 1. End of insurrection? Ireland and the post-1848 revolutionary world 2. The Skirmishing Fund 3. Science and skirmishing 4. The dynamiters and their supporters 5. Bridget and the bomb:Expand
Dynamics and morality of violence and aggression: some psychological considerations.
  • S. Feshbach
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The American psychologist
  • 1971
Issues discussed include: instinctive vs. learned nature of aggression, origins of aggressive drive, the relationship between aggression and masculinity, the effects of inhibition of aggression upon personal adjustment, and the reduction of aggression by nonaggressive means. Expand
Understanding the tipping point of urban conflict: violence, cities and poverty reduction in the developing world. Full research Report.
Urban violence is an increasingly significant global phenomenon. Over the past few years, a conventional wisdom has emerged within policy and research circles associating it with four key factors:Expand
The Contexts of Religion and Violence
[1] In 1995, more than 7,000 Muslims were killed in Srebrenica in what was one piece of a planned bid for territory and power. What did religion have to do with this massacre? Articles of religiousExpand