Reflections on Skolem's Relativity of Set-Theoretical Concepts

  title={Reflections on Skolem's Relativity of Set-Theoretical Concepts},
  author={Ignagio Jane},
  journal={Philosophia Mathematica},
  • I. Jane
  • Published 1 June 2001
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophia Mathematica
In this paper an attempt Is made to present Skolem's argument for the relativity of some set-theoretical notions as a sensible one. Skolem's critique of set theory is seen as part of a larger argument to the effect that no conclusive evidence has been given for the existence of uncountable sets. Some replies to Skolem are discussed and are shown not to affect Skolem's position, since they all presuppose the existence of uncountable sets. The paper ends with an assess- mont of the assumptions on… 
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