Reflections on Diversity among Chicanas

  title={Reflections on Diversity among Chicanas},
  author={Patricia Zavella},
  journal={Frontiers-a Journal of Women Studies},
Writing Against the Grain
L'A. propose, dans le cadre d'une redefinition des projets critiques en anthropologie, de ne pas releguer les travaux des femmes, notamment des femmes de couleurs, a la peripherie comme le suggere la
Navigating between Two Worlds
Undergirded by a theoretical framework, which focuses on the important role of social context, this article focuses primarily on the cultural, institutional, and individual factors explaining how
A Queer Decolonial Feminist Approach to Teaching Intersectionality
Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth
This article conceptualizes community cultural wealth as a critical race theory (CRT) challenge to traditional interpretations of cultural capital. CRT shifts the research lens away from a deficit
Is Self-employment a Precarious Job for Mothers of Young Children? A Comparison of the Experience of Czech and Ukrainian Entrepreneurs with Small Children in the Czech Republic
Entrepreneurship may be associated with independence and profi t, but it may also be a precarious type of employment. Self-employment is often a strategy for those groups of workers who face
Pathways to sports leadership for Latinas in U.S. higher education
ABSTRACT This paper investigates how U.S. Latina college students can attain leadership roles in college athletics. The theoretical framework used in this paper is Cultural Identity Theory (CIT). CIT
Forging Their Own Path to the Labor Market: Hispanic Women Business Owners in North Carolina
Hispanic women are an understudied entrepreneurial population with considerable potential for economic impact. Our study uses fieldwork and semistructured interviews with entrepreneurs and community
Master status or intersectional identity? Undocumented students’ sense of belonging on a college campus
ABSTRACT Research on undocumented students in the United States often focuses on the challenges they face navigating postsecondary education, rooted in their precarious legal status. The observed
Mujeres Trabajadoras: An Intersectional Perspective on Inequalities in the Working Conditions and Lives of Mexicana Farmworkers in the San Joaquin Valley
Author(s): Pruneda, Evelyn | Advisor(s): Reese, Ellen | Abstract: This qualitative study uses a feminist intersectional perspective to examine how the lives and working conditions of Mexican women
Introduction to the special issue: intersectionality and entrepreneurship
ABSTRACT We briefly review the ethnic entrepreneurship paradigm, identifying the problems associated with an approach that emphasizes the salience of one social group, ethnicity, to the exclusion or