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Reflections and Impressionistic Portrait at the Conference "Frontiers Beyond the Standard Model," FTPI, Oct. 2012

  title={Reflections and Impressionistic Portrait at the Conference "Frontiers Beyond the Standard Model," FTPI, Oct. 2012},
  author={Mikhail Shifman},
  journal={arXiv: Popular Physics},
  • M. Shifman
  • Published 31 October 2012
  • History
  • arXiv: Popular Physics
Comments on the results presented at the Conference "Frontiers Beyond the Standard Model," FTPI, Oct. 2012. This summary traces a historical perspective. v2: A reference corrected and a footnote added; v3: a few grammar mistakes and typos corrected, author's address and e mail address added. 

Naturalness, the autonomy of scales, and the 125 GeV Higgs

Naturalness as a reasonable scientific principle in fundamental physics

I aim to clarify the physical content and significance of naturalness. Physicists' earliest understanding of naturalness, as an autonomy of scales (AoS) requirement provides the most cogent

Dimensional Reduction and Physics of the Standard Model

The Standard Model of particle physics (SM) is a theoretical framework that integrates our current knowledge of the subatomic world and its fundamental interactions. A key program built in the

irtual gravitational dipoles : The key for the understanding of the niverse ?

Before the end of this decade, three competing experiments (ALPHA, AEGIS and GBAR) will discover if atoms of antihydrogen fall up or down. We wonder what the major changes in astrophysics and

On resolving the crisis in particle physics associated with the fall of supersymmetry

Classical mechanics of a particle was gradually complicated and expanded by adding new and new attributes, which finally brought to the situation that in principle cannot be verified experimentally.

Galaxies as simple dynamical systems: observational data disfavor dark matter and stochastic star formation

According to modern theory, galactic evolution is driven by the dynamics of dark matter and stochastic star formation, but galaxies are observed to be simple systems. The existence of dark matter

Living Without Supersymmetry -- the Conformal Alternative and a Dynamical Higgs Boson

We show that key results of supersymmetry can be achieved via conformal symmetry. We propose that the Higgs boson be a dynamical bound state rather than an elementary scalar, so that there is no

Quantum Phenomena in the Realm of Cosmology and Astrophysics

The success of modern physical theories is abundantly demonstrated by an impressive amount of examples, may it be in the small dimensions of the quantum world or on cosmologically large scales.

Background discrimination of EDELWEISS-III cryogenic Ge-detectors for dark matter search

The EDELWEIS-III experiment is a direct dark matter search experiment using cryogenic Ge detectors with dual signal readout in ionization and heat for particle identification and background