Reflected backward stochastic differential equations and a class of non-linear dynamic pricing rule

  title={Reflected backward stochastic differential equations and a class of non-linear dynamic pricing rule},
  author={Marie-Am{\'e}lie Morlais},
  pages={1 - 26}
  • M. Morlais
  • Published 15 February 2008
  • Mathematics
  • Stochastics
In this paper, we provide a characterization of solutions of specific reflected backward stochastic dfferential Equations, whose generator g has quadratic growth w.r.t its variable z: this is achieved by introducing an extended notion of g-Snell envelope. In the case when g is convex (w.r.t z), the solution is related to the notion of convex risk measures and, more specifically here, to the robust representation of one class of dynamic monetary concave functionals already introduced in a… 
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