Refinement of the crystal structure of cronstedtite-2H2

  title={Refinement of the crystal structure of cronstedtite-2H2},
  author={Jiř{\'i} Hybler and Vaclav Petricek and Jan F{\'a}bry and Slavomil Ďurovič},
  journal={Clays and Clay Minerals},
The crystal structure of cronstedtite-2H2 was refined in a hexagonal cell, space group P63, Z = 2, using two acicular crystals from Wheal Maudlin, Cornwall, England, and from Pribram, Czech Republic. The Wheal Maudlin sample has the chemical composition $\left( {{\rm{Fe}}_{2.291}^{2 + }{\rm{Fe}}_{0.709}^{3 + }} \right)\left( {{\rm{S}}{{\rm{i}}_{1.298}}{\rm{Fe}}_{0.707}^{3 + }{\rm{A}}{{\rm{l}}_{0.004}}} \right){{\rm{O}}_5}{\left( {{\rm{OH}}} \right)_4}$(Fe2.2912+Fe0.7093+)(Si1.298Fe0.7073+Al0… CONTINUE READING