• Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Published in J. Mach. Learn. Res. 2011

Refinement of Operator-valued Reproducing Kernels

  title={Refinement of Operator-valued Reproducing Kernels},
  author={Haizhang Zhang and Yuesheng Xu and Qinghui Zhang},
  journal={J. Mach. Learn. Res.},
This paper studies the construction of a refinement kernel for a given operator-valued reproducing kernel such that the vector-valued reproducing kernel Hilbert space of the refinement kernel contains that of the given kernel as a subspace. The study is motivated from the need of updating the current operator-valued reproducing kernel in multi-task learning when underfitting or overfitting occurs. Numerical simulations confirm that the established refinement kernel method is able to meet this… CONTINUE READING