Refined curve counting with tropical geometry

  title={Refined curve counting with tropical geometry},
  author={Florian Block and Lothar Goettsche},
  journal={Compositio Mathematica},
  pages={115 - 151}
The Severi degree is the degree of the Severi variety parametrizing plane curves of degree $d$ with ${\it\delta}$ nodes. Recently, Göttsche and Shende gave two refinements of Severi degrees, polynomials in a variable $y$, which are conjecturally equal, for large $d$. At $y=1$, one of the refinements, the relative Severi degree, specializes to the (non-relative) Severi degree. We give a tropical description of the refined Severi degrees, in terms of a refined tropical curve count for all toric… Expand
Refined Tropicalizations for Sch\"on Subvarieties of Tori
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Polynomiality properties of tropical refined invariants.
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Fock spaces and refined Severi degrees
A convex lattice polygon Delta determines a pair (S,L) of a toric surface together with an ample toric line bundle on S. The Severi degree N^{Delta,delta} is the number of delta-nodal curves in theExpand
Tropical refined curve counting from higher genera and lambda classes
It is shown that the result is a generating series of higher genus log Gromov–Witten invariants with insertion of a lambda class, which gives a geometric interpretation of the Block-Göttsche invariants and makes their deformation invariance manifest. Expand
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We address the problem of existence of refined (i.e., depending on a formal parameter) tropical enumerative invariants, and we present two new examples of a refined count of rational marked tropicalExpand
Computation of refined toric invariants II
In 2015, G.~Mikhalkin introduced a refined count for real rational curves in toric surfaces. The counted curves have to pass through some real and complex points located on the toric boundary of theExpand
Counts of (tropical) curves in $E\times \mathbb{P}^1$ and Feynman integrals
We study generating series of Gromov-Witten invariants of $E\times\mathbb{P}^1$ and their tropical counterparts. Using tropical degeneration and floor diagram techniques, we can express theExpand
Refined node polynomials via long edge graphs
The generating functions of the Severi degrees for sufficiently ample line bundles on algebraic surfaces are multiplicative in the topological invariants of the surface and the line bundle. RecentlyExpand
Tropical refined curve counting via motivic integration
We propose a geometric interpretation of Block and G\"ottsche's refined tropical curve counting invariants in terms of virtual $\chi_{-y}$-specializations of motivic measures of semialgebraic sets inExpand


Universal polynomials for Severi degrees of toric surfaces
Abstract The Severi variety parameterizes plane curves of degree d with δ nodes. Its degree is called the Severi degree. For large enough d , the Severi degrees coincide with the Gromov–WittenExpand
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