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Referral marketing : Harnessing the power of your customers

  title={Referral marketing : Harnessing the power of your customers},
  author={Frank G. Zarb},

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Essays on Referral Programs and Preference Estimation
A new model for effective modeling of consumer heterogeneity in choicebased conjoint estimation is developed and it is proposed that shrinking the individuallevel partworth vectors toward a low-dimensional affine subspace that is also inferred from data can be an effective approach to pooling information across consumers and modeling consumer heterogeneity. Expand
Perception of social media influencers : A study on evaluation of Social Media Influencer types for different beauty categories
Background:For years companies have been using SMIs to communicate their brands and influencer marketing has become a thriving concept in this social-media era. Beauty retailing industry, as a globExpand
Online Referrals Categorization and Performance of the Hospitality Industry: The Case of International Hotel Brands in Europe
When mentioning online referrals in tourism, the first associations for most are online reviews of guests, usually those on the most popular social media website in tourism - TripAdvisor. In fact,Expand
Share experiences: receiving word of mouth and its effect on relationships with donors
Although antecedents and consequences for the sender of word of mouth (WOM) are well evaluated in many research fields, non-profit service research focusing on consequences for WOM receivers isExpand
The mechanisms for the formation of proper relations between consumers and companies are an important issue nowadays. The management of the process of co-creating value has also become increasinglyExpand
Identifying influencers in a social network: The value of real referral data
This study demonstrates that using traditional simulation based methods to identify influencers in a social network can lead to suboptimal decisions as the results overestimate actual referral cascades and finds that looking at the influence of the two-hop neighbours of the customers improves the influence spread and product adoption. Expand
Referral Marketing in Online Higher Education: a Holistic Snapshot of Strategic Initiatives, Effectiveness and Opportunities in a leading International Organization
Introduction Contemporary marketing strategies in both retail and service sectors have developed vastly owing to cutting-edge technology, which has seen a boom in referral marketing (RM) practicesExpand
Beyond Nash Equilibrium: Mechanism Design with Thresholding Agents
This work extends traditional mechanism design by providing a systematic approach to influencing agents' behavior for desirable objectives by integrating a series of new techniques that include modeling agents' decision-making with cutoff policies, indirect preference revelation, and using contests to increase competition among agents to counter group manipulations. Expand
An Investigation into Viewers’ Trust in and Response Towards Disclosed Paid-for-Endorsements by YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers
This study investigates viewers’ trust in and response towards disclosed paid-for endorsements by YouTube lifestyle vloggers. With the law now enforcing disclosure of sponsorship within vloggerExpand
Effective Competitive Strategies of U.S. In Vitro Device Manufacturers
Effective Competitive Strategies of U.S. In Vitro Device Manufacturers by Sofia Beglari MS, TA University of Technology, 1997 BS, TA University of Technology, 1994 Doctoral Study Submitted in PartialExpand


Referral Programs and Customer Value.
Abstract Referral programs have become a popular way to acquire customers. Yet there is no evidence to date that customers acquired through such programs are more valuable than other customers. TheExpand
Driving Profitability by Encouraging Customer Referrals: Who, When, and How
Abstract Many firms are now using referral marketing campaigns to harness the power of word of mouth and to increase referrals to acquire new customers. Prior research has identified a method ofExpand
Effects of Word-of-Mouth versus Traditional Marketing: Findings from an Internet Social Networking Site
The authors study the effect of word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing on member growth at an Internet social networking site and compare it with traditional marketing vehicles. Because social network sitesExpand
How valuable is word of mouth?
A straightforward tool that can be used to calculate both customer lifetime value (CLV), the worth of your customers' purchases, and customer referral value (CRV, the value of their referrals), and the effectiveness of this segmentation approach is demonstrated. Expand
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