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Lost Voices: Chinese Muslim Modernists and the Issue of Polygamy in the Republican Era

  • Bin-Bin Chen
  • History
    International Journal of Asian Studies
  • 2021
Abstract This study brings the voices of Chinese Muslim modernists back into discussions on polygamy in the Republican era. Starting from the late nineteenth century, abolishing the practice of

Paul Creyssel: The ‘Forgotten’ Voice of Vichy

Paul Creyssel, Vichy’s high-profile Director of Propaganda between 1 April 1942 and 3 March 1943, then Secretary-General for Propaganda until 13 January 1944, is nowadays an all-but-forgotten figure.

Science and Faith in Kant's First Critique

This thesis engages in an interpretative debate over Kant’s general aims in the first Critique. I argue that a defense of the rational legitimacy of religious faith is at the very center of Kant’s

Suffering in mind: the Aetiology of suffering in early Buddhism

The question of suffering haunts us both collectively and individually driving us in our thinking to grasp for control and to search for something essential and unchanging to which we can attach

Students' motivation and attitudes towards learning a second language : -British and Swedish students' points of view

This paper is a study within the general area of Second Language Acquisition (SLA), focusing on second language learning in formal (class room) settings, and the main questions discussed in this essay are grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Natural Things and Non-natural Things . The boundaries of the Hereditary in the 18 th century

Hereditary transmission of bodily (physical) and behavioral (moral) features from parents to offspring became an independent subject of scientific theorizing only in the mid-decades of the nineteenth



Twilight of the Idols

1. My impossible ones. — Seneca: or the toreador of virtue. Rousseau: or the return to nature in impuris naturalibus [in natural filth]. Schiller: or the Moral-Trumpeter of Säckingen. Dante: or the

A Second Look at Critical Bibliography and the Acting of Plays

Dramatic Manuscripts" exhibits the symptoms of such epiphenomena.2 In showing that Renaissance dramatic texts are less accurately printed than other texts of the period, McKerrow uses as an initial

The Best of the Achaeans: Concepts of the Hero in Archaic Greek Poetry

Despite widespread interest in the Greek hero as a cult figure, little was written about the relationship between the cult practices and the portrayals of the hero in poetry. The first edition of The