Reference values of urinary chromium in Italy.

  title={Reference values of urinary chromium in Italy.},
  author={Pietro Apostoli and G Maranelli and Piergiorgio Duca and Paolo Bavazzano and A. L. de Bortoli and A Cruciatti and Gerald Elia and Claudio Minoia and Renata Piccinini and Enrico Sabbioni and Gianfranco Sciarra and Carlo Soave},
  journal={International archives of occupational and environmental health},
  volume={70 3},
OBJECTIVES The paper describes the results of a polycentric study for the assessment of reference values of urinary chromium (U-Cr) in the Italian population. METHOD A total of 890 subjects (58.3% males and 41.7% females) were selected on the basis of standardized criteria in eight different areas of Italy. Urinary chromium was determined on morning spot samples collected using standardized procedures. The U-Cr was determined independently by three laboratories using an Electrothermic… CONTINUE READING